Photo of Kathleen CronieWelcome Kathleen

Loud & Proud are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Musical Director, Kathleen Cronie.

Kathleen led the choir for the first time on Monday 8 October with great enthusiasm and good humour, introducing us to two new songs which will feature in our Festive Concert in December.

Kathleen dazzled as a student of both languages and music, graduating with honours and winning a plethora of awards. As an experienced conductor and MD, in she worked with the Aberdeen Gaelic Choir leading them on their Canadian tour and in competition at the Vancouver Mod. She has since gone on to study with George Hurst at Canford Summer School of Music, Michael Harris at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh and later worked with Scottish conductor Christopher Gray (Scottish Opera and Connect).

Kathleen was voted the best of four final candidates and judging by the feedback from members, we all have a very promising future together.

We asked Kathleen to give us her thoughts on music and singing and working with an LGBT+ choir. She reveals all here.


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