Become one of our Significant Others

Loud & Proud Friends scheme for non-singing supporters of the choir 

At Loud & Proud, we are passionate about what we do; singing together every week in our wonderful LGBT community choir can only be surpassed by the thrill of performing for our adoring audiences in regular concerts. Sustaining the choir, developing our talent and supporting our concert programme require dedication, energy and funds. We rely on the hard work of members and friends to bring our work to the community and we fund ourselves chiefly through subscriptions. Our commitment to be accessible to all, regardless of financial status, means that we need new ways to support our work and outreach.

Significant Others is a tiered programme that gives everyone an opportunity to be part of the wonderful Loud & Proud Community and to provide invaluable financial support for the choir so we can embark on exciting projects in the future.  Choose the one that’s best for you.

significant others

To become a significant other please print this form and return it to us with your cheque.

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