Fantastic Fringe

Jackie KayLoud & Proud received fantastic plaudits from a sell-out audience at its latest Fringe Concert in Greyfriars Kirk. Broadway Baby gave the show a fabulous 4 star review.

We were delighted that our newest patron, Jackie Kay came along to perform a selection of her work, including a riotously funny rendition of one of her new Maw Broon Monologues.

Jackie was joined by her parents, John and Helen Kay .John and Helen met in New Zealand in the 50’s and it was a wonderful coincidence that the choir had chosen to sing the song of their courtship, the Maori love song, Pokarekare Ana.

Loud & Proud sang the song as a tribute to the people of New Zealand following the passing of new Equal Marriage legislation.

You can see our performance here

We were delighted to receive a special message from the sponsor of New Zealand’s Equal Marriage bill, Louisa Wall:

“Kia ora and greetings from Aotearoa New Zealand. To the Loud & Proud Choir and all in attendance at this Fringe Festival event, congratulations for being part of the Out4Marriage campaign and celebration of who we are, where we come from and the families and communities we so proudly represent.

It is an honor that on this day and at this event you show your respect to the people of New Zealand by singing our indigenous love song Pokarekare Ana. It is a song that speaks of a deep, steadfast and enduring love over time and distance and whose chorus ends with the words “I could die of love for you”.

And it is this love that we all seek and it is this love that represents all that marriage has to offer any two people who choose to commit themselves to one another.

We all deserve this love and we all deserve the opportunity to have this love recognized by our friends, family and communities whoever we are, where ever we live.

Finally, Kia Kaha-Be Strong. We need to be resolute and it is this commitment that will ultimately enable us to achieve our objective of marriage equality.



Louisa Wall